About us

Driven by Excellence

Spider  Initiative Ltd is a community based organization located at plot 7151, Spider road - Bunamwaya.  Spider initiative limited is composed of experts in all aspects of technology with a mission to bridge the practical knowledge gap in academic institutions as well as offering quality IT based services in order to benefit the community, organizations and the Nation at large. The spider is known for construction of a number of cobwebs but with network links and paths from one cobweb to another at any time of preference. In the same philosophy, Spider Initiatives aims at benefiting the youth, the needy, Institutions and organizations through a variety of activities that prove to add value or development to the community; empowered by technology as the lead drive.   

 Spider Initiative Ltd was established in year 2000, formerly known as spider technologies Limited. The organization started as a small company that offered secretarial services, computer training and repairs but later developed into a community based charity organization that offers quality IT services to the community, professional IT services to organizations and quality   IT hands on training to institutions and community people.

Some of the services at spider Initiative include but not limited to IT Infrastructure setup and troubleshooting, IT equipment repairs, Data recovery, Website services, Hands on IT trainings , secretarial services, and all sorts of IT consultancies.

Being an initiative organization, Spider initiative is trying to expand its operations to cover other sectors of production and development that are impressive and advantageous to the community. This might include but not limited to talent development for the youth in all sectors as well as empowering social and casual activities to overcome the unemployment challenges in communities.


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What makes us different?

We make sure that everyone blossoms. We keep a human size in a warm and modern setting. All students benefit from individualized support.

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Our Strategies: 

Our Vision

A Equal rights , Equal opportunities .

Our Core Values

(a)  Proficiency

(b)   Reliability

 (d) Action based

(e) Transparency

Our Mission

Spider Initiative ( SIL) Ltd  has committed to provide quality computer hands on training and  IT service delivery,  to improve the standard of living of the people in the poor communities and Improve IT service delivery.

Our Slogan

"Nothing is impossible".

The Organisation Structure

Board Advisors  provide the advice to Management Team through the CEO by phone, email, or key staff meeting  

About the CEO

The CEO -Spider Initiative Limited, Mr. Iga Vincent has graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information technology, Master of Information and communication technology, relevant IT and management professional certifications. He served in different organizations  including Stichting Help Uganda foundation Holland, He has been Head of Information Technology for the AIDS Support Organization (TASO ) Since 2014 where he led the implementations of a number of technical tasks  relating to security , IT infrastructures design and support , IT policies development , End user support , Management decisions  , etc.  Mr.Iga has traveled to a number of countries including Netherlands where he gained fundamental to expert  IT skills at ROC Aventus and has participated in various forums, consultations and professional workshops. He has been hired by universities on several occasion to conduct  IT hands on workshops to prepare the exiting students for work experience.  He is a God fearing person and plays musical instruments in church .
Mr. Iga has worked with the Dutch dentists through Stichting HUG foundation , while offering free dental support to the needy people of Polota in Jinja .  He was contracted and conducted musical lessons at Faringdon Junior school in UK  under the UK Government hands on study programme.  He leads a team of senior and junior IT experts at Spider Initiative ( SIL) Ltd. 
Mr. Iga has been engaged in social, economic and technical positions which makes him a credible person who fits to lead Spider Initiative ltd to transform the lives of people in the local communities in several perspectives.